Website Maintenance

What is Website Maintenance ?

I’m glad you asked that question.  Web site maintenance is a constant on-going maintenance program that keeps your web site safe from hackers.  Also it keeps your web site compliant with Google and other search engine’s algorithms.  Algorithms are large routines that include rules or requirements for a modern up to date web site.  Website maintenance also entails monthly updates to the WordPress theme and all plugins that are included with in WordPress.  Plugins are separate programs specially written for WordPress themes.  They are programs that help the developer add functionality to the web site.  There are virtually thousands of different plugins.  Some help with security issues and others add details to customize the site for the clients needs.

Why Use a WordPress Platform ?

WordPress content management system (CMS) is the most popular website platform used today.  It is especially popular for building industrial company’s web sites.  The reason for that is WordPress themes are extremely versatile.  There are many plugins capable of customizing the website for a variety of businesses.  For instance an e-commerce shopping cart can be added later using a 3rd party plugin designed especially for the customer’s needs .  

WordPress with it’s many plugins makes the job easier for SEO work.  The YOST SEO plugin is a very necessary tool to help us configure the back code of the website to Google’s best practices.  This tool also tells us when certain pages need updating.  The WordPress dashboard notifies us when there are new versions of the WordPress theme or any plugins needing updating.  It is very important that the updates are done in a timely manor.

Using a WordPress theme makes our job easier and we are able to keep our client’s websites up to date more effectively and therefore gives the client a better ROI.

WebSite Maintenance is included in the cost of our SEO program

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