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Internet Marketing Group web site designers can help you design just the right website for your company.  Our designers use the best platform and the perfect layout to attract new customers to your business.  Most of our clients web sites are created on the WordPress platform.  WordPress is the most popular platform today. More important it supports literally thousands of plugins for unlimited functionality.  WordPress is made up of many templates  and blocks that can be customized for your personal taste.

Also we will suggest several different designs for you to select from.  Therefore we can use the best designs from several mock ups to create the perfect look.  Our designers will build a fantastic company website that will make you proud.  

IMG’s expert web designers are able to deliver a beautiful web site in a timely manner at a very affordable price. Also IMG’s  prices are half of what the big design companies charge.  We are able to lower our prices because of less overhead and maximum efficiency.


IMG’s web developers have years of experience building websites for industrial companies.  Therefore we know the material handling equipment distributors industry very well.  Our company developers have worked with many companies to help them with there exact needs.  

An excellent user interface and well written professional content is what will keep  visitors on your site  long  enough to read what you have to say.  A new website really starts by choosing  a WordPress design that will be customized to your companies needs.

The IMG’s web site design and development team members are experienced web design &  development professionals. Also we have a long track record for helping clients with clean well written websites.  WordPress web sites are designed to attract your target audiences by using the best practices SEO built-in features.  We’ll start by sitting down with you and talking through your business needs. As we move forward with the web design & development, our developers will manage the process, making sure that all details are included to provide your customers with a great user experience. 

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