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Get Your Brand Recognized

IMG’s Social Media Marketing plan is the best way to get your brand or company name recognized by potential  customers.  Your articles and pictures posted on Social media is a great way to get your word out there.  If you don’t have any social media accounts we can help get those accounts established.  According to Google’s latest algorithms, establishing a good presence  on social media is absolutely necessary for a higher ranking.  An article from a company’s blog page can also rank high on the search engine’s listings.  Therefore a professionally written article on social media is very beneficial for a company’s overall SEO effort.  The IMG  team has  copywriters that can write professional articles  for an additional fee.  IMG’s SEO experts will always edit all articles before they are published.

Other then copywriting, editing and adding articles to the blog page and social media pages are all part of our SEO program.

Web Site Blog Posts

Blog articles are a great way to tell prospective customers the type of services you provide. These articles can provide your readers information about your business or new products your company carries.  The articles can also be about local events pertaining to your industry.  Also, you can highlight the level of competence your people have in case study blogs. Case study blogs are short testimonials highlighting projects and often include pictures of completed projects. IMG produces many case study blogs, and will provide a template for your sales people to fill out about the project.

E-Mail Marketing

Another important social medial marketing aspect is E-Mail marketing.  Companies that have been in business for a time all have a list of past customers.  The IMG team can help put together an e-mail or newsletter to be sent out to them.  IMG uses Constant Contact for all  our marketing e-mails and newsletters.  This is also part of our SEO program at no extra charge.

Get Your Brand Recognized