Industry compliant Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool webmasters use to elevate their clients web sites up unto the front page of Google and other search engine’s listings.  Our SEO specialists are most concerned with Google search as 80% of all searches on the internet today are done on Google. 

Search Engine Optimization has many factors to be considered for a web site to rank high in the search results listings.  Some of those factors that need to be considered are professional written content on every page.  Also important are  blog posts and social media presence and using a modern web site platform such as WordPress.  Most important a web site that can be viewed on all sizes of screens like computers, tablets, and smart phone screens.  Those web sites that do not comply to the search engines rules or algorithms could be penalized and may not rank well.

Google is constantly scrutinizing webmasters that take shortcuts to get their clients ranked higher.  Their clients sites could be penalized.  The algorithm rules that applied yesterday may not apply today.  We only use white hat tactics to move our clients to the top of the search engines listings.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Internet marketing group’s team of professionals will help plan an internet marketing strategy to meet our clients needs.

Lead Generation

SEO = Lead Generation

Professional written content and expert search engine optimization techniques can definitely increase lead generation from your web site. IMG’s team will work very hard to increase your company’s web site visibility on the internet.  Our team working with you will create a strategic marketing plan.

There is only so much business out there in your marketing area.  If you don’t aggressively go after it your competitors will.  In today’s marketing world the best ROI for industrial companies without a doubt is internet marketing using search engine optimization and social media marketing.

IMG’s prfessionals have many years of experience building and optimizing industrial web sites for our clients.  SEO has evolved so very fast the last few years.  A good search engine optimization company like IMG must keep up with the many changes.  Our experts spend many hours each week researching Google’s algorithms updates.  We apply the many tweaks necessary to our clients web sites to comply to all of their updates.

If you feel your web site needs help then please give us a call at 612-961-8967.  We will be happy to discuss our services in more detail. 

IMG offers a free consultation and web site analysis.

Content Management With SEO

Content management is a very important issue with the latest algorithm update from Google.  Page content needs to be modified and updated on a regular basis.  We edit our client’s entire web site on a monthly basis and make changes to text, page descriptions and focus key phrases.  The more the content is modified the more frequent the web site will be crawled by Google and other search engines.  Another good way to add new content to the web site is frequent blog post.  Our SEO specialist upload all blog articles to the clients social media pages.  This brings links back to our clients web site which is very beneficial to our SEO efforts.


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