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IMG is a team of professional web designers, customizing industrial web sites using search engine optimization. We have vast experience servicing both small and large scale projects.  IMG specializes in industrial websites.


Our original company was formed in 2006.  We had four partners with decades of experience in web design and development and most important first hand knowledge in the material handling equipment industry.  The four of us had a variety of useful skills to start this type of company.  Our expertise ranged from accounting, business management, marketing industrial equipment, to search engine optimization and a vast knowledge of computer science. We formed our company with a main focus to help the material handling equipment distributors and manufacturers  become more visible on the internet.  That is also the main focus of The Internet Marketing Group (IMG).

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IMG - Industrial Marketing for the USA

The internet Marketing Group is based in Minnesota and Florida is a spin off of our original company.  IMG was formed to become more diversified. Therefore this new company can service all types of industrial companies not just the material handling industry. Our team is dedicated to provide our clients with the best technical and marketing expertise to elevate their web sites and brand to the top of the search engine listings.  

We service clients all over the United States.  However we only provide service to one material handling equipment distributor client in a certain marketing area.  Some of IMG’s clients market their products in a small geographic area while others may market in a three or four state area.  Although the smaller your marketing area the quicker we can boost your company web site to the first page and then up to the first three listings.

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